Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all woman around the world. I had a quiet day which was just perfect. My two little grandchildren gave me McDonalds is bed, if they only knew that I'd only been in bed for 3 hrs maybe they would have made it lunch instead. But looking into their little faces I couldn't resist and dragged my butt out and joined them for breakfast. On the positive side of having gotten outta bed sooo early I did get a head start on my day. I recieved phone calls from most of my other children (Yep one forgot =(. My youngest offered to buy me dinner but then didn't have enough money to pay for it, oh well the thought was there. Overall Great Day!
Would you accept apples from this lady?  This afternoon my youngest daughter had myself and her older sister helping her with her ART assignment. I'll never be to old for dress up and it was a fun few minutes posing for her while she snapped photos to use. I think we both have apples coming out of our ears, so far I seen her creating 8 paper mache' apples all painted at different stages and many drawings of apples. I've listened to stories about apples, read articles about apples and discovered other artist that have used apples in their art works.  I'm over Apples but wish her well with her mark for this assignment. When I was at school ART used to be fun today it just seems like alot of work.

What do other artists think about Art today in our schools? Leave me a comment =)

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  1. Hey Aunty Vic.
    I remember my university course - where we were taught how to teach children Art.. I thought that It was a lot of fun, but I think schools (primary school in particular) use art as a "free time" session. The kids will be given a selection of items to create a piece of artwork, like crayons or some different coloured clays or play dough, some glue and a variety of things to stick to paper - like some glitter, confetti, cotton balls, paddle pop sticks ect. Or it will just be paints, and easels with paper pegged on.. You get the drift. But the thing is, teachers in general will not be passionate about art. It would be worth while if schools invested in specialists. For example, when it comes to Physical Ed, the kids are released and sent to the PE teacher. Art should be the same.. Kids, especially young kids, could really benefit from having an art teacher that really knows what they're doing, with a natural creative flair, who will actually want to compose an extensive curriculum that kids will actually learn special arty skills.. I also took Art in highschool, and just remember getting the impression the art teacher has too many restrictions on time and resources, plus there's a specific curriculum for every single subject, in line with the exams and final tests the kids have to pass. I think art should be taught without a restrictive criteria. It should be a subject kids can take to figure out what they're good at, and what they love to do with their creativity..


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