Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nana Vic's Digital Stamp Cowgirl

I'm so excited not only is today my Birthday but I'm putting up the first of my new range of digital stamps. I've been inspired by all the wonderful work that I've been viewing over the past few months. I have 6 more drawings that are all at differnt stages of development to be apart of this line. I was going to wait until I had them all completed and release them all at the same time but my own unwillingness to wait got the better of me.

I so hope that you will enjoy my range of 'Nana Vic' and she will find a place in your hearts. If you create something using 'Nana Vic Cowgirl' please leave me a comment and link as to where I might find your creation. It would be my pleasure to add your link.

Nana Vic's images are hand drawn and then digital cleaned by the Artist (Vickie Duffill). Each design brings it own special charm. They are perfect images for card making, scrap booking and colouring your way for that special occassion or layout.
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Description: Nana Vic has been side tracked from cooking and is having a Yahoo time on her make shift horse. Included with this digital download is a sheet of 10 rubons with some of my favourite cowgirl phrases.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! wish I was there to spoil you all day with hugs. I pray and wish someone would pickup on your cleverness and make you famously rich, your extreme talent is so wasted. Who makes them scrap stamps? surely they need a new artist! I thought being on the "world wide web" was all someone would need to get picked up on.
    Comon everyone that knows and has seen her talent, get to her checkout and get yourself some awsome art.Hugs sis!!

  2. Happy Birthday fabulous woman!!! Love the stamp!!! Looks awesome - I am off to sgare the word - Thanks for sharing your home last night!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Hope your kids gave you many surprises!!! Love the look of your new stamp. Very talented lady, I used to buy some of your lil wooden bits and bobs that you used to paint while you were at Rocky! Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. She's awesome!! Love all your drawings.

  5. Happy bday mum!!! These stamps are super awesome just like you. I really hope they become a huge hit for you!! Love ya xxx

  6. Happy Birthday Gorgeous:)

    Love your talented design hun, cant wait to help spread the word regards to your designs.

    Am happy to place yourlink on my blog and also my ning site hun, will have to catch up real soon.

    Hope this works a treat as you truly are an inspiriing artists;)

    Mwah & Hgus Angie xxoo

  7. I love this little digi. Going to have to do some shopping as soon as I get this house back to liveable. Will be glad to post on my blog if you'll let me know what I need to post.

    Sorry I haven't been around to visit you lately but I'm doing good right now to just get my DT card posted. Can't wait for things to get back to normal so I can spend a day in the craftroom.
    "Hugs" Granny (Carol)

  8. Hi Nana Vic .... it was such a pleasure to meet you and the other talented ladies at Angie's the other Saturday night. I wish you a Happy Birthday for last Saturday - hope you had a good day - and also trust that your digital stamping does well, as it should. You are VERY talented and deserve to be rewarded for your endeavours. Best wishes, Marie Mac (Lisa's Mum)

  9. Very clever mother, Happy Birthday also. Glad I could be the first to buy your work, again lol. I'll forever continue to support you because I know how much effort you put into every thing you do.

    Love always, btw I'm hungry for pizza... call Domino's please.

  10. Happy Birthday for the other day Aunty Vic!!!! Hope you were spoilt by my lovely cousins and you had an awesome day!


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