Saturday, June 19, 2010

A photo I couldn't resist.

I finally had the opportunity the other night to catch up with some of my favourite blogs. My sister is the biggest suprise of all. All of a sudden, she has found this creative streak and is blowing me away with some of the ideas she is coming up with. Sis joined our ATC swap here on the Gold Coast and sends her atc's down each month for us to trade for her. I'm not joking this girl is going from strength to strength because as each month passes she improves as her knowledge grows. Now I read that she's making little pretty roses out of paper that she did a tutorial on. 'Got to appreciate -YouTube'. She's making awesome scrapbook layouts. she's also making the wedding thankyou gifts for her daughters upcoming wedding and her atc's of course. I'm looking forward to our swap in the morning as it's a full group of 16 and I've had sneak peeks at some of the atc's and they are totally increditible. I"ll post a picture of the collection tomorrow.
On my sisters site, she posted the usually updated photos of her granddaugher, Summer. Talked about the kids, she's got 8 of them so at times that can take awhile and she posted a couple of photos of the little girl that she home mothers. Isy is just starting toilet training and sis says that she thought she was over all this. I told her not to look behind her as she has many many more little butts to tend to in the following years. Isy is an adorable little girl, big bright eyes, cute little smile and full of chubbyness and cheek. Sis captured her on the loo and posted a couple of photos. I couldn't get the image of her outta my head and it came to me that I simply must make a digi of her. My sister's birthday is next week and I thought I'd surprise her with a special gift. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I've not slept for days again. I get on a natural high when I'm creating and time just disappears.
I would so like to read some of your comments about my New digi. I've already had requests for making a little girl 'Tadpole Hunting', so I thought I'd be ahead of my new customers this time and created a girl and boy digi. The are already listed in my shoping page...ONLY $2
Boy Digi..........-----......Isy.........-----.........Girl Digi



  1. Hiya See the new digis in your shop and thought they were cute now seeing the inspiration for them I can see why you did them she is one adorable little girl.

    Looks like sis has her hands full.

    Beccy x

  2. Fabulous work!!! Do you know how talented you are?? The detail on these are AWESOME!!!!!

  3. hey Sis, love them much. Isy mum said it was very cool. When you get it finished for my b'day i will print a copy for her. hugs

  4. adorable! Thanks for the nice comment on my TAC blog. I like TAC's images and I sell it. I bet I would do better if I promoted it huh? LOL
    Have a great day!!

  5. I ADORE this.. I love that you have made a different image but still included Nana Vic in there.. LOVE IT!!


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