Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clean up my box

How much can you fit into a double garage?

Well if your anything like me....A LOT. Our garage is my computer room, lounge room, gym and of course my craft room. I've been lucky enough to have a couple of days off work and I though I'd take this opportunity to get in and do some serious cleaning up. With 25 years of crafting under my belt, I've collected a lot of stuff (all good I tell ya, I might need it or I might go back to it). I had boxes in boxes and still more storage containers of all different shapes and sizes. I was well over due for a major organizing fit and with the amazing discovering of plastic shoe boxes that were brought in a pack of 10 and came flat packed from Bunnings (Hardware Store). So with 40 boxes made up, I was going to tackle this massive chore. I did go and buy 3 more compartment organizers and 10 more clear lunch box size boxes before I started.

The whole process took me 3 full days. I found so many items that I'd long ago forgotten about. Now I'm the first to admit that I really did have some items that needed to be thrown out. For example the box I had that was full of gravel rocks, yep just your normal gravel stone varity, nothing special about them, just rocks. I remembered why I had them and for the reason I'd used them but come on that was 10 years ago and I really really didn't need them. There were many bottles of paints that were ditched. All my stain glass dyes had dried up, many of my fabric paints also hard as rocks and also some of my glitter tubes. I had to get tough on myself and take a good look at what I had.

Any way I'm sure I'm not the only one that has had to cross this path at some stage. I told my daughter that I was trying to make it easier on them for when I died. She said that they will still probably fight over some of my goodies. *Laughs* Below is a collection of photos that I took so that you can see my befores and afters. I thought that a little plan of the garage might help you better visualize just how it all fits into my box.

2 linen cupboards and that's my cheeky grandson, Alex in the after photo.
The wall unit was my bargain of a life time and I brought it from a perfume store that closed down. It consists of 4 strong solid pieces that make up the center structures. The spacing between each unit are shelves that are adjustable, sold timber and also very think glass shelves. I've had some very interesting designs over the years as the versatility of this unit is amazing and to think I picked up the whole unit for $100
My shoe boxes waiting for me to start.
The book case that still has some of my daughters stuff on it. She has her own craft area up stairs now.
Oh my the ribbon boxes took forever, why do they ribbon spools have to be so big?
The 6 draws hold most of my paper crafts. The last photo is the other half of my garage. So as you can see, I pretty much live in my box. Through the doorway that you can see is the kitchen to the house and way way back you can see the start of my daughters crafting area.

I hope that I haven't bored you to tears with my post. Now I'm going to go and mess it up again as I've got projects waiting for me to do. Wishing you a great weekend.


  1. You lucky lucky girl!! :) If I had a craft space like that I think I would live in it too! hehe.
    So glad you got it all finished Vicie, what a wondeful feeling you must have now, knowing you accomplished that mammoth task.xx

  2. Wow Vickie...that is fabulous! I agree with Karen, if I had a space that big I would be living in it too!! With your exercise and entertainment area on the other side you'd never have to leave except to make meals lol. Congratulations on finishing this astronomical task (I'm surprised it only took you 3 days lol)

  3. Oh wow I am so jealous Vic what a great space, well done on having the willpower to organise it, I have a corner in the living room and always get side tracked when I start to tidy up lol.
    hugs Beccy x

  4. Oh my what a gorgeous craft space, something I would never have unless I can convice dear OH we need a big shed bottom of the graden but that's a DREAM big one or have to wait till kids grow up and when they move out I can have one of the big double room, we gonna do our atick for us so kids can have a room each (well I got a samll room to craft in it lol)

  5. Super stunning space girl, wow, love it and can see you had quite a task before you
    I have also started with throwing out as si many things is " might need it".........hehehe , am sure it is a feast crafting again, right !!
    lotsa luv Tee

  6. Looks so awesome.
    Makes your mind feel clearer when you're in an organised and tidy space. Love it.

    Stay golden!

    Love from Kirst


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