Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ATC Car Crash

I thought I'd share another ATC that I made earlier this year for our local free swap held at Westfield Shopping Center once a month. If you live on the Gold Coast and would like more information about the swap just leave me a comment.

Now I'd be the first to admit that a car crash would not be considered an inspirational event but in this case it was. My year had not started very well with an unknown person or persons breaking into my car on Boxing Night. They destroyed the wiring (randomly cut every wire under the dashboard), cracked my windscreen, damaged the drivers door and front panel. Ok I'm not a car insurer but it really didn't look that bad to me *shrugs* however the assessor thought other wise and wrote my car off. What they gave me was enough to pay the car out but left me without transport.

My Sister and most of her family were visiting for the Christmas break, so between her and my bro-in-law they became my personal chauffeurs taking me to and from work each day. Having imposed on them for almost 1 week and they were not needing their car for the day I drove myself. I know that driving a mini bus is alittle different and because I was in a borrowed car I was being extra careful. Do you think the guy that ran the red light causing the car infront of to break suddenly and for me to bump into them cared how careful I was being? I think not, he didn't stop.

We did the normal thing exchanged names, address and phone numbers ect and both inspected the damage as woman will. They weren't worried, as really really to tell ya, I only bumped her. A little bit of white paint from my sisters car on their rear bumper. As I drove the few blocks home (yep, about 3 minutes away) I tried to fabricate some wonderful story about what had happened but nothing came to mind and I settled on the truth about how impatient male drivers are.

My bro-in-law after the digs about my driving didn't seem all to concerned about the damage either as he had to catch the bank and was quickly on his way to complete his errand. When we recieved a phone call about 10 minutes later the real damage was discovered. Greg was stranded on the side of the road with the car over heated, the bank closed and RACQ (roadside service) still 1/2 hour away.

Cutting this story short now, total damage to their car $5000, they were without a car for over a month and with 8 children, work and them now relying on others to transport them around. What else could I do but make this ATC to remember the whole event.
ATC Details:
My Sister, Penny took the photo of me that is used in the orange car. (As it's the most recent photo of me. I use it for my pic sign in also) Two of the trees in the foreground are torn from painted toilet paper the other two are scrap paper with distressed edges. The background is printed on cardstock and the two cars and people are printed again on photo paper. I cut the windows out and used crumpled clear plastic (recycled wrapping from something) to replace the windows. The cars and speech bubbles are raised with foam dots. After crushing/denting the front of the cars a little Dimensional Magic was used on the few little broken peices on the road.

Little Freebie : If you'd like to create your own version of this ATC you can grab the background image Here it's 300 dpi png


  1. Hehe u know I totally love this atc ESP with the story behind it! Poor mum, your having a run of misfortune, hopefully it all turns around soon. Xxxx

  2. Hi Vic, absolutely love your ATC your sooo clever! I am actually coming to the next swap have done my ATC's and am all geared up to meet you guys! See you in a week I think!


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