Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What am I Afraid of? ATC

I know that when they set the challenges that is what they are suppose to mean but last months challenge at Full Sleeve was probably the most difficult one that I'd had to date. The theme was 'What Am I Afraid of?'. Well I went through the usual list. Spiders? I don't like them but nah can get a shoe and squish them or chase them outside again. Sharks? well I know I don't like them and I even had an encounter with one of them when I was a kid, so I stay outta the water, that's their home. The Dark? Turn on a light. I know the Boogie Man, now that's scary but is that real?

 I spent days going through different ideas and I even through the idea out to the ladies at one of our lunch breaks to see what they came up with. Buried Alive? ewww. Burnt at the Stake? more ewwws. Kidnapped and made a prisoner? hmmm I started to see a pattern forming with the ladies. Gruesome lot. Admittedly I'd more than likely be afraid of any of the above but it still wasn't what I was looking for. More thinking time past and then it dawned on me, I needed to look at this challenge from another angle. Everything that I had come up with so far was based on the physical recaction of being frightened by something or someone and I could just wish it away or change the circumstances.

What was I Afraid of that I had no control over? Then reality hit me and I came up with something that does frighten me. GOING BLIND . Imagine not being able to see the colours of the world, to see that smile across the room or see the card that I made this month.
Butterflies Drying


  1. Awesome atc mum...It looks so much better in real...and definately something to be frightened of!! Totally love the burst of colour as you open the atc. xxx

  2. Aww you did them :) They look awesome can't wait to see them in real xx

  3. yes that would be scary...At times I wish I was deaf tho,specially in school

  4. Oh Vickie, these look fantastic. Really unique and well thought out. Hugs xxoo

  5. Ver nice ATCs )) would you love to swap with me?))) I love the bright coloured ATCs )))


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