Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ATC - August

I'm catching up with showing off the ATC's that I've recieved during August.
This first image is what I made for the 'Self Portrait' theme. I called it Shattered Dreams. I didn't like doing this theme as it was about me and my imagination ran wild with possiblities. I also did 2 special atc's for 2 of my friends that are also my nieghbours in the facebook game 'Farmville'

Here are ones that I've recieved back from 'Self Portrait'. The girls were so creative when portraying themselves. It really is nice to know that I have a little peice of them in each of their atc creation.

This next group was from our Australian Sayings swap, I did the chook one with the saying, 'I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down' (posted earlier). The first one is one of my favourites as it's my granddaughter, Savannah-Rose, it really does look like an add for vegemite..... From the Smurf colouring in book (3rd top right sleeve) it starts the atc's I recieved from the 80's swap, I did the Cindy Lauper (posted earlier).

The next 6 were shared as spares. We also have a new girl joining the westfield group and she graceously gave me an atc. It's the blue inked background one with the stamps over it to create an amazing little scene. Thank you Jennifer and welcome aboard.

I hope you enjoyed my catch up of ATC's. I'm still so far behind with a 3 more swaps waiting for me. I hope to tackle them over the weekend.

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  1. Love all the ATC's. Hope to make it to next one!! Big month ahead of me! Love hwo you share them all.xx


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