Friday, June 11, 2010

Huge up date- Nana Vic is taking over...

G'day All,
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Where have I been? note format... a pool of excitement...
Cursing...that there is not enough hours in a day...
Overwhelmed...with ideas...
Overjoyed...with the encouragement... have my wonderful family and friends
Exhausted...from lack of sleep...
Cursing Again...I gotta work...
Thankful...for a new friend's a long weekend longer format...
I'm so excited at the moment with my new 'Nana Vic' range of digi stamps. I've now got my own group over at Crafters Digital Art Center 'Nana Vic's' where I belong to an awesome community of fellow digi artists. I wasn't sure about starting a group with only two digis to offer but I've jumped in with both feet and I'm learning to swim. The site has only been open for a week and already there are over 600 members. All of them there to share their creations using digi stamps via their own home page/albums. The place is a hive of activity with free digis, challenges, tutorals, helpful videos, live chat and you can join in as many groups as you want to. If your into using digital stamps, ever wanted to try creating with digital stamps or would like to join an active community full of craft minded people, then I'd very much like to invite you over. Be sure to join my group 'Nana Vic's' as I'd like to get to know you better and see some of your creations or hear about some of your ideas.

I'm sure that they got it wrong when they decided that a day should only have 24hrs in it. It's not enough time to do all the things I want to do and my days are blending together. Soon I'm going to have to ask what week is we are now in week 19 almost half way through 2010. I'm already thinking 4th of July (for the Americians), Father's Day and Christmas.

Which brings me to my next note. My brain has gone into overdrive with ideas, I have Nana Vic digis scribbled on scrap pieces of paper all over my craft area, computer, at work, in my bag and even beside my bed. She's taking over. It's like been on a roller coaster (oh my, there's another one - Nana Vic screaming in delight riding a roller coaster)...see what I mean, she's everywhere. What I'm trying to do is create them in the order that they come to me or I can fit a design of her into my crafting commitments. So far, I needed one for the Wild Wild West ATC challenge (Nana Vic Cowgirl), next for an Apron ATC swap (Nana Vic Spring Cleaning). And now I'm happy to announce the 3 digi 'Nana Vic Tadpole Hunting'. You can pick up any of the digis mentioned for yourself  in my shopping page. They are only $2 and I give you a sheet of rubons to go with them as a bonus.

Please feel feel to click on the Freebie below so that it opens in a new window and save it from there as an example of my digi work.

I have recieved so much support and encouragement from my family and friends about my new art adventure. My darling son Robert even purchasing my first online digi through his paypal account, I'm not sure if he just wanted to be the first or that he was happy to help me test out the shopping cart and automatic downloading system for me but either way, Thanks Robert. What a joy it was to have my son and his family here for the last week. They suprised me arriving the day before my Birthday and my grandsons have grown so much, especially my little man, Mason whom I hadn't seen since is birth back in December. Alyssa manged to get a photo shoot done with the grandchildren and when I get to see some of the photos I'll post a photo of them and you'll know why I'm one very proud Nana. I enjoyed my outing with the girls, garage sales, bingo, late coffee visit and watching the grandsons while Rob and Aly went to Dracs. Missing them already. They will be back in September and I'm counting the weeks. Here's a Picture of the only night I cooked for them while they where here.

Sleep when I'm dead is what I say. I'm going to be dead a very long time but right now I've got things to do. Sleep is over rated anyway....LOL

If anyone out there can message me the numbers for next weeks lotto I'll be forever grateful. We are putting in the long hours at work again and I clocked up 97hrs for the fortnight. Please let me give up work and stay at home so I can create / play / catch up and just do what I want. Having said that, I am thankful that I even have a job, not so easy to come by when you are over 40. I like my job, it's not boring, it's challenging and we get to have 4 breaks throughout the day to chat to friends and co workers.

If you have been following my blog you would have already heard me sing the praises of my new friend, Carol West from Craftin Granny Card Shack. And your about to hear some more. This lady is truely awesome and she didn't even back off when I told her that I had been stalking her site. Watching her wonderful creations week after week. Carol has really been fantastic support to me over the last few weeks and she is now my one and only Design Team or DT as they say in blog land.  I gave her my first digi 'Nana Vic Cowgirl' and she created my first ever card using her (Very exciting day for me). You can see that post HERE I still smile when I see that card. *Hugs*  Carol didn't wait for me and she brought the next digi straight away and created another stunning card using 'Nana Vic Spring Cleaning'. Please go to her site and read all about the details that she put into it. Leave her a comment as you know we thrive on your comments. Her camera is broken at the moment so I'm also posting just the coloured in version that she did so you can see the little pearl embellishments and the glittery water. Click on them for more detail. Please keep watch for her up coming creation using 'Nana Vic Tadpole Hunting', I just can't wait to see what she comes up with but I know that it's going to be wonderful.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend (Queens Birthday) here in Australia, no work Monday and we are having a 1/2 day tomorrow. I'm hoping to put in some serious time drawing, finishing my ATC's for the Westfield Free Swap on Sunday and somewhere in there having a sleep. If you got this far reading this catch up post, thank you. As always.....


  1. Holy cow, girl - you have a LOT going on! I had to laugh out loud at your 'post it's' - I do the same thing - there are post it's stuck to post-it's!!! Your new image is so cute!!! Thanks for the sweet freebie - can't wait to begin creating with it :)

  2. These images are fabulous, I really need to try some of your images.....AWWWW LOVE your card you made and what a sweet freebie!!!

  3. Hi Nana :))) i am so happy you did join the CDAC :) because that how i got to see your gorgeous new 3 stamps.. that i bought... I hope you will be drawing more and more... but not to much... i aint to rich.. $$$$ LOL!!! Love your images :)) and i am happy to count you as a new friend :))
    Good luck in this new journey!! Love xxx Lauretta xxx

  4. Gawd you make me laugh - I can hear your voice saying the things you write - LOVE IT. I love nana vic on the roller coaster too- Ill be buying her!!!!

  5. Hey GF, you are way too kind. I am the one thanking you for the opportunity to be a part of your new venture. I love the Nana Vic images and can't wait for you to send me the next one. Firecackers, flags,cookouts, whatever I'm so ready to play. I also think the rollercoaster will be a hoot to do.
    Thanks for all the kind words and promo......."Hugs" Carol

  6. I so love your cards . The 'Granny' ones are just beautiful and have given me lovely ideas for cards for Grand-children . Your table with all the food laid out looks very yummy , could do with a plate of that right now lol .
    Thank you also for the lovely comment that you left on my blog , it gives me encouragement to keep making more ! and hugs Melita xx

  7. fabulous card and how scrummy does that dinner look you have made me hungry now lol
    Mina xxx


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